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Sara's Review: Blood Of The Lost by Shannon Mayer

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Publisher: Hijinks Ink Publishing

Released: November 17, 2015

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Length: 135 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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THE EPIC CONCLUSION TO THE RYLEE ADAMSON SERIES! "My name is Rylee and I am a Tracker." When children go missing, and the Humans have no leads, I'm the one they call. I am their last hope in bringing home the lost ones. I salvage what they cannot. My final salvage, and this time I’m playing for the survival of the entire world. Orion has swept the humans with his lies, and they follow him like mindless zombies. I have my allies, and my loved ones with me and while they fight with all they have, it is not enough. There is only one thing left for me to do. Face Orion. Seal the Veil closed and send the demons back to where they came from. But Orion knows my weakness. And he has stolen her away leaving me with a choice I never wanted to face. Do I save my daughter . . . or save the world?

Five Boundless Stars

Blood Of The Lost is bitter sweet for me. But I guess all good, no, great things must come to an end, and what an end it was.

The Final battle is upon Rylee and she only has days before it is here. Things are moving fast and she has to stay ahead of it or the weight of the world will crush her. She has lost so much throughout the entire series and every loss is so crushing to her yet she knows going into the battle she will lose more and it kills her. But what can she do? She and her misfit pack have to band together with the few allies they have to save the world form the demons who wish to take over.

I will say one thing about Shannon is she is not afraid to rip your heart out by killing off beloved characters. Like real life no one is truly safe in Shannon’s world. It is what makes her truly brilliant. She bases these fantasies with bits of reality. The most precious people to us can be gone in an instant but the love that you shared with them is all that mattered in the end.

“Love is a blessing that can help us face the darkest hours of our lives.”

I also loved the way Lark tied into the end of Rylee’s story, but I will say that it surprised me. Well, honestly everything surprised me. Nothing in this book or any others is ever predictable. I absolutely do not want to give anything away because it would spoil it. I will say that from the first page of Blood OF The Lost, it is so packed with action you cannot put it down. I read it in one sitting!

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