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Sara's Review: Shane: A Mafia Love Story by R.E. Saxton

Author Request Publisher: Amourisa Press Released: September 13th 2015 Genre: Romantic Suspense Length: 362 pages Format: eBook, Paperback Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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As captain of an Irish mafia crew, Shane has everything he wants. Money, women, and power. He can have anything, except the one woman with whom he’s obsessed. Mia Kasilli, daughter of a Russian kingpin, wants nothing to do with that lifestyle. When he can no longer be without her, he orchestrates a series of actions that leave her father in his debt and Mia in his power. He’s dark and dangerous, the embodiment of everything she doesn’t want in a man, so why does she crave him so much? She’ll fight him every step of the way, but how will she fight herself? Three Boundless Stars I was asked to read and review Shane and give an honest review. The book is currently available on Kindle Unlimited. "This story contains violence, rough sex, and sexual situations some readers might find objectionable. If a hot mafia man driven to any lengths to possess the woman he wants isn’t your thing, you probably wouldn’t enjoy this book. However, if you like a dark, Alpha, possessive man with a tender core deep down, who will do anything for the woman he loves, including kidnapping, going to war with rival mafia, protecting her from her enemies, and fighting through her resistance to change her perceptions, get ready to meet “Shane.” This statement right there sold me on giving this book a try. I love a possessive Alpha Male. However, I was a bit shocked at what I received. This is a dark romance, however when Mia is kidnapped and raped the first night she is with Shane I wasnt expecting that. Now, what gets even more deranged is that because Mia is attracted to Shane she immediately develops Stockholm syndrome. But she fights it, we find out later that Mia suffered past traumas and rapes. All you want to do is get the poor woman a Valium and some therapy. "She wanted him as much as she hated him. Hatred was easy. It kept things clear and helped her survive. Desire thrown into the mix left her confused and afraid" Through it all Mia remains so strong despite falling for her captor and everything she is put through. I think that's what saved this book for me. If she would have broken I wouldn't have liked this book at all. Now Shane isn't all bad and had an incredibly sweet and tender side. Mia and him have a twisted D/s relationship without those labels or consent. But there isn't any BDSM. The are few sex scenes that were pretty hot. But then some that did nothing for me (rape). Or the nice term for this kind of book forced seduction. I'm giving this book a 3. Because even though it's not my thing it's still good and I know there is a market for Forced Seduction Dark Erotica.

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