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Sara's Review: Three Lives Down (Dan Taylor #3) by Rachel Amphlett

Author Provided Copy Publisher: Self-Published Released: November 16th 2015 Genre: Military, Thriller Length: 306 pages Format: eBook Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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Dan Taylor has survived two attempts on his life. The rest of his team are missing, and now a terrorist group has stolen a radioactive isotope from a top secret government project.Can Dan survive long enough to prevent a nuclear disaster on British soil?

With the Prime Minister determined to re-negotiate the country’s place in the European Union, and deals being struck behind closed doors, Dan stumbles across a plot that will shake the country to its core.If his mission fails, his enemies will overthrow the British government, and Dan will be a wanted man.If he wants to succeed, he’ll have to sacrifice everything. Three Boundless Stars

I was provided a copy of Three Lives Down in exchange for an honest review. This is book three in the Dan Taylor thriller series. I haven't read the first two books but I did not feel lost at all. Dan Taylor is almost a cross between a James Bond and a Jack Ryan. He works for the British Energy Protection Group, but is more like a CIA operative. I'm not sure if the EPG is a real agency and never really got a lock on what it was they did from this book. The way Dan and the others acted I thought they were some type of secret agents. Anyways, the book is political, action, suspense thriller much the same way a James Bond movie is. It also starts off with an action sequences, that without having the music, and special CGI effects to accompany it just doesn't do much for the story. The story itself was good. Radioactive Isotopes have been stolen from a hydraulic fracking site. The information finds it way to Dan and the chase is on. There is a whole lot going on in this story. Many different political cogs turning and we are only given bits and pieces. So we only know as much or sometimes a little bit more than Dan does. I really liked that. I like all the twist the story took, even though it got a bit convoluted at times. Political thrillers aren't necessarily my favorite read and I know nothing about British politics. However just for entertainment purposes this book was pretty good and full of action and suspense, it gets a solid three from me. If you love political thrillers you need to give this series a go.

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