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Sara's Review: The Deepest Shade of Blue (Sapphire Collection Book 1) by S.J. Wright

Author Request Publisher: Self-published Released: August 14th 2015 Genre: Erotica, Mystery Length: 363 pages Format: eBook, Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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Goodreads Synopsis

After a week of hard work young part time waitress, Gabrielle Rose doesn't believe another night out with her best friend is called for. That is until the night takes her into the arms of the world famous magician, Laurent Quinn. After their brief encounter and completely embarrassing herself in front of him, she believes she will never see him again that is until she bumps into him. Gabrielle is naive and confused about the feelings she is having for this man. He is like no man she has ever met before, and that doesn't even take into consideration of how he can perform his amazing magic.

Her friends already seem to be under his spell, but where does his true power lie? Being the worlds greatest magician is not all it's cracked up to be. Laurent Quinn's life has never been easy and comes with a terrifying secret. Shrouded in mystery the man is an enigma. Even being in the public spotlight, it has not managed to shine any light into his long dark past. As he begins to succumb to the innocent Gabrielle he finds his need to control and his will pushed to the limit. Limits are meant to be broken, but not his limit. Three Boundless Stars (2.5 stars)

I was asked to read The Deepest Shade of Blue and give it an honest review. The book is currently available on Kindle Unlimited. First thing I will say is, it does need some editing. One thing that stands out, is some of the terminology. This book is supposed to be the first person narrative of a young American woman who lives in San Diego. So saying things like car park instead of parking garage or lift instead of elevator just doesn't jive. I will admit I liked the whole waitress / magician thing. The paranormal spin that was put on the magician was way cool. I wish more would have been done with that. I was really into this book until about 73%, then it felt like a duplicate of 50 Shades of Grey. Instead of flying in gliders they go skydiving. He even has a dungeon and wears worn out ripped jeans!.

I seriously almost stopped right around the point they walked into his dungeon. There are some things I really liked about this story and found funny. Gabby's inner Angel and Devil. "My inner devil is looking at each of the toys nodding her head with happiness. She sees them as toys, my mind screams at her, but she doesn't care. My inner Angel has fainted." Now, since the book 50 Shades of Grey has come out so many books have jumped on that train, trying to ride that success. I don't blame them. However there is more to a good BDSM novel than spanking and getting tied up. One of the things I find most distressing is how our leading man in 50 and in this story have to have something wrong with them in order for them to want to be in the lifestyle. I think that gives the BDSM community a bad- rap. Deepest Shades of Blue would have been lucky to get a two from me if it wasn't for the ending. Now I did not expect that at all! I'm so glad the author went back to the paranormal thing which should have been the main focus to begin with. It did leave on a cliffhanger. The Author has a chance to do something completely original (I hope she does). Or she can follow her current path and I think they will be getting married, having a baby and Gabby will be stalked. But that if we continue to follow the 50 Shades plot....

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