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Lissa's Review: Synergy by Georgia Payne

Author Provided Copy Publisher: Self-Published Released: May 25th 2015 Genre: Urban, Romance Length: 271 pages Format: eBook, Paperback Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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Murder, drugs and violence are the norm for 22-year-old Dee Thompson. In her small neighborhood in Detroit, she makes her money stripping and dealing drugs, but she wants more for her 2-year-old son, before he too, gets trapped in her world. From a young age, Dee learnt to keep her feelings under wrap, but her anger is something she can't control.

Jason Taylor is an international star. He may be a household name, but on the inside, he's a down-to-earth southern man. Honest and charming, with a smile that can melt the nation, he's dated plenty of women in the industry, but they just don't excite him anymore. When the pair meet in Detroit, neither of them expect to see each other after their one night encounter.

Dee's world is a far cry from Jason's luxury lifestyle, and she's not willing to let him break down the walls she's spent years building up, but Jason has always loved a challenge. Two Boundless Stars

Synergy is about two people. Who are on different sides of the tracks. We have Dee whose grown up in a rougher part of town. A part of town that's hard to get out of. She has a job at night and helps take care of her son during the day. With that, Dee meets Jason. A pretty famous guy. She didn't know it at first but they start hanging out more together.

Things in Dee's life start to change and I was really rooting for her. She's been through so much and Jason is different. Someone who could really care for her and stick by her. Unlike, some of the men in her life.

Though, I think this is an interesting story of two people meeting by chance. I felt that I couldn't connect to any of the characters. Some parts moved quite slow. There were moments where things of shock value would happen but I could pretty much predict the outcome of the story.

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