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Storm's Review: The Bleeding Door by Todd Cook

Author Provided Copy Publisher: Koehler Books Released: August 15th 2015 Genre: Historica,l Thriller Length: 252 pages Format: eBook, Paperback Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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In 1799, a teenage boy is found dead in his dormitory room at Bethel Academy, a Methodist school located on the remote frontier of central Kentucky. Though the boy died violently, his death was witnessed by no one. Some 70 years later, another young man, one of southern Appalachia's most feared and despised feudists, is likewise found dead inside a deserted millhouse under mysterious circumstances. Though the two deaths would seem to have little in common given the years and distance separating the two young men, they are indeed very much connected. Linking these two tragic figures are a succession of frontier preachers, a troubled Shaker village, and isolated mountain communities terrorized by witches, ghost "haynts," and deadly clan feuds. Two Boundless Stars

I cant say I loved this book. It had its good aspects as well as its bad. It was full of history and was well written in the time of the era. It was more like being there and hearing exactly how they talk.

At times though it was hard to know what you were reading. It was back and forth between past and present and it gave the book a bit of a jumbled feel and it made it hard to understand. I hate to say it, but this book wasnt for me.

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