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Beth's Review: The Zebra Affaire: An Apartheid Love Story (The Sub-Sahara Saga, #1 by Mark Fine

Author Request Publisher: Released: July 15th 2015 Genre: History, Romance, Multi-cultural Length: 352 pages Format: eBook, Paperback Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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THE ZEBRA AFFAIRE: An Apartheid Love Story IT’S THE SPRING OF ‘76. For Elsa, her affair with Stanwell may well prove lethal, as she’s white and he’s black, and they dared to fall in love in apartheid South Africa. The terrified lovers are the prey in a deadly manhunt from the golden city of Johannesburg to the exotic but dangerous wilds of the African bushveld.

When affairs of the State battle affaires of the heart, ordinary people become heroes!The Zebra Affaire is a thrilling fusion of romance and suspense—laced with rich South African history. The tension is palpable as the persecuted couple race against time and bigotry. Reviewers rave about this intimate, yet dangerous love story; that’s set against a canvas that is both vividly authentic and powerfully provocative. Five Boundless Stars

Set in the late 70’s and 80’s, The Zebra Affaire walks us through the lives of Stanwell and Elsa. During this time, apartheid South Africa was not an easy place for the black man to live, and even worse for people of different races to fall in love. While Nelson Mandela was known only as prisoner #46664, Africa was not only segregated, but laws were in place to justify death to the bi-racial couple.

Mark Fine accurately educates the readers of the political history from 1652 and on to explain the division of, not only the races, but of all parties with opposed beliefs. It’s obvious that Fine, not only educated himself with the history of the issues, but also has a passionate belief for the equality of all people.

This author’s writing style provides a very easy and smooth read. With this story, he includes anywhere notes” throughout the story so not to interrupt the narrative. Fine welcomes readers to skip these footnotes; however, I suggest reading them in order to obtain a complete understanding of the politics, laws, and popular beliefs of the current time in history.

The love story takes the reader through the characters lives beautifully. We laugh with their triumphs and cry through their tragedies. They become a part our family, the kind of family we like that is. I don’t want to spoil it, but when you find yourself crying uncontrollably, as I did, keep reading. It gets better.

After all, the good guys always win, right?

I give this book 5 very big stars for “I absolutely loved it!” I will be looking out for more books by Mark Fine.

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