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Lissa's Review: Exile (Death Follows 1) by Danielle Devon

Author Provided Copy Publisher: Emberlore Publishing Released: August 31st 2015 Genre: Sci-Fi, Post Apocalyptic Length: 88 Pages Format: eBook Add to Goodreads Buy Links

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Danielle Devon delivers the first installment of a near-future adventure as John and the others struggle to survive in a post-pandemic world. The secrets they keep could be humanity’s salvation…or it’s ultimate demise.Death Follows: ExileTen years after the sickness turned dead men into living corpses, John Marshall found himself exiled from Haven. Beyond the walls of the sanctuary, John and the others struggle to survive in a world gone mad with hunger. But it’s not just the dead who hunt them, now Haven wants the girl. Can John and the others hold on to their humanity long enough to protect her, or will death continue to follow? Four Boundless Stars

Anyone who knows me, knows I love zombie/dystopian stories. This one though, shorter, is done extremely well done. I normally highly dislike back in forth with different characters. At times it can be confusing but I wasn't at all confused.

You have these cast of characters in this place called Haven. One of the only sanctuary type places around. But there's control. It's do whatever so and so says or you die basically. There are 20 of them taken out for population control. A lottery for the unlucky.

There is a girl, that everyone is after. There's something about her they want to keep. But she has a chance to get out. I don't want to give the story away. It is worth the read and I did enjoy it. So if you love the undead. This is one you would enjoy.

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