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Stormi's Review: The Last Great Halloween (The Trudy McFarlan Novels Book 2) by Rooti Simms

Author Provided Copy Publisher: Self-Published Released: August 16th 2015 Genre: Children's, Contemporary Fiction Length: 186 pages Format: eBook, Paperback

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A nostalgic and humorous return to a forgotten America! It’s 1960 and the last year Trudy McFarlan can celebrate Halloween as a kid. Determined to make it the most mind-boggling Halloween since the beginning of time, Trudy plans a party so spectacular it’ll make the Twilight Zone look like Romper Room! But first she has to contend with the Smelly boys who want to egg the party, a junior-high social climber who wants to hijack the party, a mother who wants to “dumb-up” the event with candy corn and Kool Aid, and even forces Trudy to invite a girl who wiggles her behind at Trudy’s favorite guy. And on top of all that, Trudy has to construct a costume so unbelievably cool and scary that it’ll change the course of Halloween history forever! Wax lips, candy cigarettes, Vincent Price movies, Pixie Stixs, and rubber bats—this is 1960 and this is where the Last Great Halloween still lives! Five Boundless Stars

This was such a cute book. It's all about a young girl who wants to have one last great halloween. It goes through all of her troubles of making this year the best yet. This was more of a children's book or young adult book in my mind, since it did come from a young 7th graders point of view. It reminded me so much of being in school and how the little things were always the BIG things. When you look back it seems silly, but you are only a kid once, right? This book really could not have been read at a better time. It was just in time for Halloween and I loved it.

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