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***Release Day Blitz and Review*** Dragon Warriors by Amanda Kay


-Dragon Warriors is a Steamy F/F Romance with Dragons, Assassins and Total Hotness.- -This book is meant for 18+ and deals with some dark situations.- Venia didn’t know what to do but she knew she couldn’t stay where she was. She packed up her room in the only home she ever knew and RAN. She ran far away. Her dreams were becoming reality and she couldn’t take her life anymore. Gary was pushing for marriage but in her dreams there was only HER. Kalin knew she was coming and she wasn’t planning on letting her escape when she got there. She would convince her the dragon world was her calling, but more than that she’d convince Venia that she belonged in her arms and her arms alone.



She woke alone, nothing new, but she hated it. Even when Gary was still in bed, the last few weeks had left her wondering. She got out of bed and quickly dressed before joining her big sister, Ava, and Gary in the kitchen.

She could hear them as she approached. "She had a dream last night and got up to shower. I'm worried about her, Ava. I know she wants to wait, but I think she'd feel better, feel more secure, if we got married.

I just wish I understood."

"Maybe I just don't think we're right for each other anymore." She growled, hating they were talking about her. Hating that they didn't seem to care she was still in the house and could likely hear them.

"You don't mean that Venia." Her sister scoffed, dismissing her outburst completely.

Venia shook her head and stared at Gary. He was watching her with a pensive look and one that begged for her to not do what she was about to do. She took a deep breath and let it out before sliding her engagement ring off her finger. "I can't marry you."

She held it out to him and he reached for it, holding her hand in his. "Please Venia. Please don't do this. Just talk to me. I'll fix it. I'll do anything." She could hear the emotion in his voice and she didn't want to be a bitch, she didn't want to hurt him, but there wasn't a real choice.

"I'm sorry." She swallowed. "I can't Gary. Things have changed for me. I care about you and maybe we can be friends, but we can't be us anymore."

Gary tore his hand away from hers and boomed, "This is fucking bullshit! Who is he?" He hissed.

"Gary..." Ava began in warning, but Venia stopped her by holding up her hand.

"It's not a him." She said quietly and then quickly turned and ran out the door and to her car before her sister or Gary could process her meaning.

As she drove, the tears fell from her eyes. She hadn't wanted to hurt Gary, but she knew her life wasn't with him.

"I'll find you Kalin." She whispered. She knew, deep down, dream girl was real and she'd find her.

Lissa's Review: Three Boundless Stars

In the beginning it almost felt as though, I was dropped into the middle of the story. I was a tad confused. As to why Venia was all of a sudden a queen and she had no idea who the Dragon Bloods were.

Venia is having dreams about Kalin which is what eventually brings them together, there's no denying they have some kind of connection and there were some pretty steamy scenes between them.

Soon Venia learns about his new world and The Black Phoenixes who want Venia. They want to destroy them both but the love that Kalin and Benia have give them the power.

There's a lot of shocking moments and twists throughout the story. Though it was interesting, it didn't really grab my attention. Overall, it was a good story.

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