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Author Spotlight: Ana Medeiros

Where did the inspiration for The Raven Room come from?

There were a lot of inspirations but mostly the desire to write a book that I personally would want to read – a story with erotic and mystery/thriller elements built upon characters that come across as regular human beings. As an example,Julian has many traits of the erotic romance hero: difficult childhood, successful, dominant, emotionally damaged, kinky. But then I thought it would be interesting to give him traits to counterbalance that list: he’s a great listener, he’s not possessive, he’s socially awkward, he’s a feminist, he’s aware of his own shortcomings. He doesn’t have a glamorous lifestyle, he owns one car, he works with children, he’s handsome but he’s not drop dead gorgeous with abs of steel. So I guess it’s really an attempt to blend eroticism with realism and mystery.

What type of research did you have to do to get the book so gritty and realistic?

Before starting the book, I had never been to Chicago, so there was a lot of internet browsing required to make sure I was capturing the essence of the city. I flew to Chicago once, but that was after the first draft of the first book was done and really, that’s the only type of physical research that I’ve done with the book inmind. Besides that, I am lucky enough to have a pretty full personal life that I can draw from.

Who is your favorite character in the book? Why?

I would have to say Meredith. She’s confident and tenacious. Her biggest flaws are directly connected with the fact she’s twenty-three years old and still discovering who she is. I think Meredith has great potential for self-growth and that makes her a lot of fun to write. I want her to be someone I would meet, let’s say when she’s in her seventies, and she’d be able to captivate me with all the crazy stories of when she was young.

What is your favorite scene? Why?

The first time Julian takes Meredith to The Raven Room. The reader gets to see the club through Meredith’s eyes and Julian goes out of his way to make it a positive experience for her. Also, is during that scene that the reader gets introduced to the woman who will forever change the course of Julian’s and Meredith’s lives. Any idea when the next installment will be out?Assuming all goes well it should come out sometime around April 2016

Can you give us any hints to what is coming next? ;)

Julian is reeling after the reveal at the end of book one and that reveal is a springboard for the story in book 2. Readers will find out exactly what happened at the end of the first book, more about Julian’s hidden past and see him struggleto overcome those demons – both in his own mind and in the world around him. They’ll see Meredith double down on her plans to launch her journalism career with a story on the Raven Room and, through her investigation, we will learn more about the club and its secrets. Also, readers will discover who Steven Thompson is, along with meeting several other new characters that get introduced.

Who is your favorite author/book?

There are so many! Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro is the only book that hasmade me cry so it has a special place in my heart. What is the one thing you cannot live without? Books. I really love books… more than I love chocolate and that’s saying something because I need to eat chocolate everyday!

Author Bio –

Born in the Azores islands, Portugal, Ana Medeiros has a background in Photography, Sociology and Psychology. For the last seven years she has worked in the magazine industry. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada, with her boyfriend and two cats. The Raven Room is Ana’s first novel and is published by Diversion Books.





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