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Stormi's Review: Beneath the Daisies by Jayne-Marie Barker

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Austin MacAuley

Relseased: May 28th 2011

Genre: Thriller, Crime

Length: 204 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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A gift from the dead? Sophie Harris thinks so until her appointed handyman the delectable Andy unearths skeletons in the garden of her inherited new home. Could a secret murderer lurk in her family tree? Simultaneously the buried victims live on in their own time the 1930s as their story breathes through Elise s diary. The touching love story twists through intrigue and heartfelt sympathy, but can happiness ever be theirs? Delving into family secrets, Sophie finds herself at the mercy of a poisonous pen and her life threatened just how far will they go to keep the truth hidden...? Police efforts do nothing to dent the poison pen s composure, and a plot to murder Sophie begins to take shape. With the truth inches from revelation, Sophie is left clutching at the jaws of death, but will the police arrive in time?

Five Boundless Stars

Let me start off by saying I love books like this. One of my favorite movies is one that has many similarities to this book. I read the description and just had to read it. With that being said I was not disappointed at all. It was a book full of mystery and intrigue. It follows two storylines, one recent and set in current day and one in the past. A young woman, while digging a garden finds two skeletons. This book tells the sad story of who they were and why they were buried "beneath the daisies" of this garden. I absolutely loved this book and couldn't put it down. Great read!!!

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