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Stormi's Review: Desperate Straits by Janet D. Squires

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press LLC

Released: December 7th 2014

Genre: Historical Romance

Length: 296 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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Sarah Ryan’s hope for a new life in the Arizona Territory is shattered in an instant by gunfire. Suddenly, she has to rebuild an uncertain future with her orphaned nephew, Will, and take on the challenges of a cattle ranch. Just when order returns, veteran lawman, L.T. McAllister rides in. He’s a dangerous man determined to do what’s right regardless of the personal cost. L.T. believes himself ready for anything until he meets Sarah. Her ideas about the man he’s become soon pit his lifetime of duty against desire. L.T.’s and Sarah’s loyalty to Will catapults them into a life for which neither one is prepared. And when L.T. and Sarah defy Sheriff Grant Simpson, they trigger a cataclysm of retaliation that escalates into kidnapping and murder. L.T. and Sarah are forced into a battle for justice… and their lives.

Four Boundless Stars

This was a really good book. It follows a young woman who after the death of her father leaves her homeland and heads to America to be with her other family. Once arriving she is faced with many hard decisions about her future. This book was written really well. I love the romance and I love Sarah. She has such a fierce and fiery attitude that you just can't help but love. I was sucked in on page one. It was also a book full of action. Books like that are my favorite.

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