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Stormi's Review: The Wishing House by Emma-Nicole Lewis

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: August 3rd 2015

Genre: Historical, Contemporary

Length: 510 pages

Format: eBook

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Just one wish…. Behind an old dilapidated cottage in a peaceful Shropshire village, is an ancient wishing well. Surrounded by superstition and folklore dating back to the civil war, the well and the house have been left untouched by the locals. When a stranger to the village buys the house, the well is disturbed…. Present Day - Unexpected circumstances lead Milly Lyle to move to The Wishing House, a quintessential country cottage recently restored and renovated by her lover. With its chocolate box looks, quaint location and the pretty well outside, it seems the perfect place for a fresh start. Then she hears of the legend of the Wishing Well Witch and the noises, dreams and strange events begin. 1642 – the turn of the civil war. Constance Yorke, the troubled wife of the parish Clergyman, finds herself turning to the wishing well behind her house for answers to her prayers. Plagued with visions portending a country torn in two by a bloody war waged by the King, it seems that Constance may have dabbled with things that she shouldn’t. Growing more isolated from her distant husband and the other villagers, she is left with nothing but her wishing well and the curious white dog that keeps appearing. When Prince Rupert and his Cavaliers ride through Sleepers Brook after a skirmish at Powick Bridge, it seems that Constance Yorke’s visions are coming true and that perhaps, she really is falling foul of witchcraft. As times collide, one woman’s quest for retribution becomes another’s peril in a chilling story of love, jealousy, betrayal and revenge.

Four Boundless Stars

This book was a bit confusing at times. It was like it would be telling one story in one paragraph and then the next was a different story. I guess it lacked good transition. Even with this issue I was deeply enthralled by this story. It was a ghost story to me and everyone loves a good read about ghosts and haunted houses. It follows a young woman who after suffering great pain finds herself left a house, a house that is known to be haunted. A story of sadness and of a woman trying to start again. It also tells another story of a young woman from long ago. A woman known to most as a witch. Overall the book was a good read. It was written well for the most part. It had a lot of historical aspects as well as mystical and to me that is always a great combination. I have to say that the ending is really good and I wasn't expecting it.

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