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Sara's Review: A Slave For The Demon Boxed Set Bundle (Books 1,2 &3): M/F Demon Monster Para

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Publisher: Spice Ebooks

Released: June 17th 2015

Genre: Erotica

Length: 78 pages

Format: eBook

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This hot and steamy paranormal BDSM erotic bundle features Books 1,2 and 3 of the Paranormal Demon Lust series bundled together at a special price!. This series contains BSDM elements: whips, chains, dominance and submission. It also contains finger play, fist play, voyeurism, a demon with a very, very large appendage and two imps who like to join in on the fun! . It features some romantic elements. Over 20,000 words of adults only encounters! Contains: Book 1: A Slave For The Demon Book 2: A Slave For The Demon 2 Book 3: A Slave For The Demon 3 A Slave For The Demon 1 The day starts as any other, yet for me, a young slave woman from the mine pits, it will be a day like none before. I am chosen for the Master - yet little do I know that I am to be a sacrifice for a demon called forth from Hell. A demon of insatiable lust. A demon who demands utter obedience, inflicts pain, and takes whatever he wants. I will be his, utterly and completely. And I will want him, more than I've ever wanted anything before. A Slave For The Demon 2 I have been taken by the demon. I have ridden him and he has marked me as his own. I am his, body and soul. My only desire is to serve him and I long to have him between my thighs once again. When Master Asim informs me that my demon will not return for another month, I know I cannot possibly wait that long. Using all my feminine wiles, I convince Asim to summon my demon lover. But our demon is not a master who likes to be called upon. When he reaches the mortal plane, he is furious. He intends to teach me a lesson, one that involves whips and chains, pleasure and pain. The monster will remind me of my submission. It is a lesson that will test my limits. It is a lesson I will never forget. For the pleasure the demon offers is so much sweeter than anything I have ever known. A Slave For The Demon 3 My demon master has taken me to Hell. There I will undergo my punishment for calling him to the mortal plane. There will be pain and there will be pleasure. He will devise exquisite torture, and make me perform for an audience of demons. Asim is there too, and he will undergo the same trials as I. At the end, the demons will choose a winner; one mortal to return to earth, the other to remain in Hell. Which shall I be?

Four Boundless Stars

I was scrolling my Facebook feed (I have more book sites than I can count) up popped this book. The book was free so I gave it a shot. Well bummer was it's part of a serial (which I hate) so I had to buy the other two books or the box set which was the best price. Now let me say this is a melt your panties attack the hubby scorching hot read. OMG!!! It's exactly what it says it is. BDSM paranormal Erotica. Now I'm not talking a mild spanking, so if you find that offensive don't attempt this book. Also it's about a Slave girl turned into a sex slave to a very real demon. Think the Demon from Legend. So again, if this is going to offend you don't go there. Personal I always liked the Demon in Legend better than Tom Cruise, but who doesn't love Tim Curry. I digress, even with the entire box set it's less than 100 pages I enjoyed it immensely. Although I think at $3.49 the price was a bit too high. But I was sucked in by that first free section. That's why I hate serials so much.

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