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Lissa's Review: Wyrd Calling (Wyrd Bound Book 1) by Shen Hart

Author Request Publisher: Arini Released: November 7th 2014 Genre: Urban Fantasy Length: 237 pages Format: Ebook Add to Goodreads Buy Links


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A serial killer is on the loose, and they’re targeting sirens. Thalia must pull together her new pack of unruly cubs while dealing with her ex, and try to stop the murderer. The problem is, she’d much rather return the cubs to whichever ditch the Sisters dragged them out of, and help the murderer kill the sirens. Thalia is a hot-headed, stubborn, wild-child shifter who happens to be Wyrd Bound. She’s been away from the clutches of the Wyrd Sisters (that’s the Norse fates to you and me) for some time, where she was enjoying tricking black market traders out of their money.

She knew her vacation had to come to an end at some point, but she kept telling herself she had another decade or two. Unfortunately for her, she was quite literally made for her role. She belongs to the Sisters, and they had work for her to do. She’d tell you she wasn’t made for this “saving the day” stuff, but she’d be wrong. Three (2.5) Boundless Stars

When I started reading this book. I had no idea what it was about but as I came to realize it had Shifters, Elves and Fae. At first I was struggling to really connect with the characters in this story.

Thalia is a shifter, she shifts into different animals, depending on her mood. She is mostly by herself, stealing from unsuspecting people. She is called back to her original post, where she has Alex and some new Cubs she has to train. They're thrown into an investigation, hoping to find out who's killing off the Sirens.

I do like a good strong female character and Thalia is really one of those. It did seem to be a bit slow and a little repetitive with some things. But I wanted to push through and see where the story was going to take me.

I thought it was well done and had a lot of elements that worked for it. I like when author takes their own twist on folklore. With the investigation you're brought into a lot of different worlds. Still by the end of it, I hadn't really connected at all with the characters. The genre isn't my normal, but I think that those who enjoy the genre would love it.

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