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Stormi's Review: William by Michael W. Mountain

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: April 28th 2015

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 370 pages

Format: Paperback

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"William" is the action packed sequel of "The Saga of the Brothers Mountain." The fictional tale begins in 1844 as it follows the Mountain family and their journey through the untamed Territory of Wisconsin and into the newly formed State of Minnesota. The family, originally from the small farming village of Killeagh, in County Cork Ireland, is forced to go into hiding in order to escape the wrath of English landlord Charles Webb. Webb sent mercenaries to America to find and kill the Mountain family as retribution for destroying his compound back in Ireland. In an unexpected turn of events, the Mountain family survived the attack and killed the mercenaries. With the fear of continual reprisal from Webb, the family moved and secretly settled in the newly formed town of Hudson, in Wisconsin Territory. The Mountain family quickly learned that lawlessness was a prevalent way of life in their new country, America. Instead of finding a peaceful existence, they found nothing but turmoil and potential death.

Five Boundless Stars

I liked the beginning of this book because with many sequels you do not get a recap from the previous book. I picked this book up as soon as finished book 1 so I had everything fresh in my mind, but the recap was a nice introduction. It gave a little of the back story and would help people who had not read book 1 know what is happening in this second book. So great beginning. This book starts chapter 1 right where book 1 left off. So it was easy to jump right in and get back into the story of the Mountain family. Like book 1 this was a book about family. I have to say that I love William. He seems to be a great man and one who is never scared. He fights for his family and along the way he picks up many strays, mostly lonely people, and he never thinks twice about caring for them. He has a huge heart and he is one character that is easy to love. I think this book was better than the first. It was a little sadder with a lot more painful encounters but it just let you see more and more of the greatness that surrounded the Mountain clan.

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