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Sara's Review: Heated Mating (Lumineta #1) by Savannah Stuart

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Publisher: Self-Published

Released: October 2nd 2014

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Length: 51 pages

Format: eBook

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She’s always wanted him… After being rescued from her dying planet and brought to Lumineta with other humans, Saroya has always been fascinated by Linc, a formidable warrior. She mates with him and his brother, and has never understood his reluctance to be near her or even touch her. When his brother dies and he makes it clear he’s sexually interested, she can’t fight the incendiary attraction between them. but things get more complicated in the light of day. Linc has wanted Saroya from the moment he met her—and throughout her short mating with his brother. His culture might encourage two males to mate with one woman, but Linc could never share Saroya. Not even with his brother. When his brother dies, leaving her unmated, Linc intends to claim her. Before he can win that battle he’ll have to swallow his warrior pride and win her heart once and for all.

Three Boundless Stars

I kept feeling like I was missing a book. I looked up the series on the author's website, nope I purchased the first one. It just felt like there were a lot of holes in the story. The warriors saved a bunch of humans from their dying planet. However, we didn't get the backstory. Or at least no enough to satisfy me. That's why it felt like a book was missing. I would have liked to read about the rescue. About the women stumbling through the different culture. The story between Saroya and Link was OK for me. Again it would have been so much better if all those holes were filled in. But in the scheme of a quick fun read, Heated Mating wasn't too bad. Not sure yet if ill read the rest.

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