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Stormi's Review: The Watcher (The Vilincia Coven #1) by Jennifer Thompson

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Self Published

Released: December 30th 2013

Genre: Fantasy

Length: 305 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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A coven of witches hidden by a small town. The secrets buried deep in the past are finally breaking ground. The third generation of coven kids are now faced with the task of fixing the mistakes of their ancestors. With time running out can they save the world from their past? Or will they die trying to save us all?

Two Boundless Stars

This book started off a bit slow and took me a while to get into it, but it picked up and when it did it moved very quickly, a little to quick honestly. It follows Cole who has a watcher named Whitney. They have a bit of a relationship in the book. Together they and their friends are trying to fight an evil that has been long awaiting its return. This book was an okay read, but it was very over descriptive. I think it could have had less of the non necessary stuff such as meals, showers, etc. As for the story line it was okay. An old evil is coming to take over the new world. A young boy and his friends must do what they can to save the world. It had a very common story line. So to me it didn't stand out as different. It was okay though

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