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Stormi's Review: Unloved (Unwilling Series #2) by K.D. Wood

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

Released: November 3rd 2015

Genre: New Adult, Paranormal

Length: 311 pages

Format: eBook

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The kid wasn’t supposed to be real. Back home, after her ordeal in New Zealand with Andrew, Neely McIntire has convinced herself the awful memories she cannot seem to shake are nothing more than bad dreams. But, when the picture of a child that could be her clone lands in her mailbox, everything she has fought to regain starts to crumble. Even with the extra support from Hayden’s brother, Nathan, Neely is ready to break under the pressure that seems to be coming from all sides. Hayden wants to move their relationship to the next level. The Tribal Guard is stalking her. Worst of all, Andrew’s mother, Margarette, has given Neely an ultimatum: deliver her monster as promised or put everyone Neely loves at risk...starting with Hayden. Drowning in secrets, Neely must convince Andrew to help her save the people she loves. But when Andrew introduces her to the child, Neely’s resolve wavers. Will she be able to sacrifice a child wearing her face? Or will she make the choice to save someone she never expected to love? **This is the second of 3 books, it's recommended that they be read in order to fully enjoy the experience of the story**

Five Boundless Stars

This book follows where Unwilling left off. It has most of the same characters plus some. It seemed like book 1 was just an intro and so while it was good, this one was filled with more action and you seem to be able to jump into the story a little better. So, to me, this book was better than the first. I still love Neely and of course I still hate Andrew, sorry I just can not bring myself to like him. I tried to in this book, but sometimes it's hard to change your viewpoint. Plus this book really made me not like Hayden. I was rooting for him and Neely but this book just shows him in a different light. The writing was really good. It was so easy to jump back in and with that being said....I really enjoyed reading this book. :)

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