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Stormi's Review: Surviving Valencia by Holly Tierney-Bedord

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Publisher: Self-Published

Released: June 30th 2012

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Length: 299 pages

Format: eBook | Kindle Unlimited

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A car accident robs the Loden Family of twins Van and Valencia shortly after they start college. Charmed, bright, and beautiful, they held their family together and elevated the Lodens to greatness. In their loss, a shadow is cast upon the family, particularly on the remaining child, who lacks the easy grace and popularity her older siblings took for granted. As an adult, her life begins to turn from mediocre to amazing when she is saved by cool, artistic Adrian. The kind of happiness once reserved only for others is finally hers, until pieces of the past begin ruining what seems to be a perfect life.

Four Boundless Stars

I have to start off by saying that this was a good read, but it made me mad. The girl in the book is left out a lot. She lives in the shadow of her brother and sister who were twins. They were perfect in everything they did, while she was not. Until they died. Then once more she was pushed to the backburner. As an adult she seems to have a perfect life, but something isn't right and she is determined to find out what really happened to her brother and sister. At first I thought the book was a bit strange, but I soon began to fall in love with this young girl. She is hurt often and in so many ways I can relate to her and what she went through growing up. It was a very well written story and was a very good read. I will add that the ending is good.

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