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Beth's Review: The Mill by Jess D. Harpley

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Astral Scribe

Released: October 15, 2015

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Horror

Length: 160 pages

Format: ebook , Kindle Unlimited

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Set in an alternate universe, the protagonist, a self deprecating college student named Jen, is forced into a world where nighttime curfews are cruel, and monsters are real. Plagued with mental illness from birth, her twin brother was the only one who ever understood her. Since his engagement to a vain, dimwitted valley girl, he's been paying Jen less and less of the attention she desperately craves. Her journey begins when she attempts to take her own life on New Year's Eve after a final spat with her brother, landing her on a deserted highway just outside of hell instead of falling to her death. With the ghostly image of her empty apartment building fading into the night, she know's that the only way is forward. She's immediately greeted by a quirky engineer named Hopper, who is quick to gloss over the importance of getting out of sight; so quick it leaves Jen in another terrible spot. Separated from Hopper and captured by Collectors, she wakes in a nightmare to which there seems to be no escape, The Mill. Hunted by unnatural creatures in this dank underground, she begins to discover the importance of life, and the err of her mistake.

Five Boundless Stars

I received an advanced copy of The Mill in exchange for an honest review. I received my advanced copy with the text only. Why am I telling you this? Because this book is so damn good, I can’t wait to see the illustrations that Jim Stigall created! The characters were introduced with just enough information to keep the storyline flowing smoothly.

This book is definitely an easy read and you will find it hard to put down. The suspense was so strong, I had to finish it in less than a day. It reminded me a little of the Hunger Games in some ways and The Matrix in others. This is sci-fi, horror and even a little comedy. I can’t wait to purchase this book and the next one. Hopper is on her way to becoming my new favorite character.

I Give this book a HUGE 5 stars.

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