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Stormi's Review: The Masks of Monsters by Narayan Liu

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Publisher: Self-Published

Released: August 6th 2014

Genre: YA, Dark Fantasy

Length: 108 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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A murderer, a monster and a world of demons beneath the notice of mortal men, struggling to fight or free humanity. This gripping dark fantasy novella by Narayan Liu introduces a vampire and a man, both searching for an escape from the darkness threatening to unravel them, doing so however, means facing everything they feared the most. What are monsters truly made of?

Three Boundless Stars

This book took about halfway through before I actually got into it. The storyline is ok as it follows some vampires who are dealing with their life as monsters and as they deal with the fear of an upcoming war. It is not your typical vampire book which was good. I have to say that Darius was my favorite character. He seemed to have more to lose and he did throughout the telling of the story. Most of the story I did not like Aeron, but nearing the end I began to see him as more compassionate than he first seemed.

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