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Beth's Review: Cape May by Holly Caster

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: TDC Publishing

Released: September 3rd 2015

Genre: Contempory Women's Fiction

Length: 310 pages

Format: Paperback

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New Yorker Joanna Matthews is rapidly approaching 60 and desperate for a change. The last remotely daring thing she did—jumping into an unconventional marriage with her best friend Brian—happened 20 years ago. Now, their life’s comfortable, if routine. Joanna craves more and begins pursuing her long-deferred dream: owning and running a bed & breakfast. She’s captivated by Cape May, New Jersey, America's Oldest Seaside Resort. On the bus south, she meets a novelist, and is thunderstruck when she falls passionately in love for the first time. How will her late awakening affect the future and her three-decade relationship with Brian?

Four Boundless Stars

Cape May is a very well written mature romance about a married woman who falls for another man. I usually hate stories about infidelity; however, this one is written so wonderfully, I found myself rooting for the cheating wife.

Holly Caster gives readers just enough background information of Joanne and Brian, the married couple, to allow readers to relate to the characters on a personal level. I felt as if I understood Joanne’s accidental attraction to Michael, the other man.

Cape May was a quick and easy read and I love Caster’s writing style. She brings personality to her characters to show their uniqueness. I look forward to reading more novels from the author, and hopefully a sequel. I would be quite interested to learn what becomes of Cynthia. Hint…

I give this book 4 stars, I really enjoyed it.

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