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Stormi's Review: The Italian Connection by John Keeman

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Publisher: Ringwood Publishing

Released: May 14th 2015

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense

Length: 168 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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“My last memory was of walking down a sandy road in an Italian village along with three other soldiers...”

In George Giles’ mind, he is a twenty-seven year old soldier preparing to return home after Germany’s surrender during World War II. But his body tells a different story; he is the serial killer Peter Hunter, who until recently was detained at Broadamoor for the criminally insane. Unlike Hunter, George has never killed, nor does he know of the 21st Century.

Faced with a London much changed from his memories, George seeks answers from the past and tries to uncover how he is connected to Hunter.

Five Boundless Stars

This book was awesome. It started off fast and swept me in on page one. It follows a man named George, a man and soldier from 1945, who to all in the world believe he is actually a murderer name Peter in the year 2000. This book is about a mans journey to find out WHO he really is. To the world he is Peter, but to himself he is simply George. This book was awesome. It was definitely well written and was easy to get into. It is filled with mystery, history, and had a great story line. Sometimes a person will read a book and would love to see it in movie form. This book was one of those for me. It was really a GREAT read. And the ending was just WOW!!!

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