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Beth's Review: Steampunk Romance Set: The Enigmatic Billionaire Werewolf and Dark Companions by

Author Request Via Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Charity Bishop

Released: August 24th 2015

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance/Erotica

Length: 98 pages

Format: ebook , Kindle Unlimited

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Emma Sulsbury leaves her small, dying home town to work at the mansion of the mysterious genius billionaire inventor, Nathaniel Worthington. He is handsome but elusive, and her dreams of working with him are shattered. But, in only a few weeks, she comes to uncover by accident Nathaniel's secret: he is a werewolf. Dark things hide in the woods behind the mansion, and Emma's life not only becomes more exciting, it becomes more dangerous. Nathaniel wants her to stay away, for her safety, but the sexual tension between them only seems to grow as time passes

Five Boundless Stars

The Steampunk Romance Set takes us through the life of young Emma Sulsbury as she enters the mansion of a well-known billionaire to work as a housekeeper. We quickly learn the economic livelihood of her small town is diminishing, and her boss, Nathaniel Jacob Worthington the third, has given the town a glimpse of hope with his new railroad lines.

She begins her humble work in the mansion and befriends a fellow staff member, Susana, during her initial training. As the friendship blossoms, Emma slowly learns more and more eccentricities about her new billionaire boss. Months into her employment, she is out on a chore and his biggest secret is revealed with several twists.

As much as I tried, I was not able to put this book down. This suspenseful romance was a quick and easy read. Without giving anything away, I can honestly say Nathaniel and Emma take readers on an exciting roller coaster ride.

I can sum these two books up with one word; LOVE! I want more from Charity Bishop. I‘m looking forward to part three! I give the Steampunk Romance Set a definite 5 stars.

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