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Beth's Review: Wick (The Spark Form Chronicles #1) by Matt Doyle

Author Request Via Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Matt Doyle

Released: August 1st 2015

Genre: Science Fiction

Length: 239 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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With overblown visuals, stunning entrances and bloody battles played out in real time by holograms, Spark Forming has become far more than a simple card game. Drawing in fans from across the Colonies, no other sporting event creates a bigger buzz than the annual two day tournament to crown a new Spark Form World Champion. Yet the scramble for the title is not the only source of conflict this year, and for some competitor’s the real battles will take place away from the TV cameras. What defines a person’s life and drives them to keep moving forward? When a game grows to reflect a society struggling to hang on, are some lives more valid than others? Can an AI ever truly be alive? Find out in Matt Doyle’s genre bending Slice of Life / Science Fiction series, The Spark Form Chronicles.

Five Boundless Stars

Wick is a role play video game brought to life, where virtual characters are given human emotions. Each character shares their thoughts while preparing to compete in a tournament type fight, much like the “playoffs” for game fighters. They are brought to life and dressed to entertain in a way that reminded me of the victor celebrations in Hunger Games.

Wick is brilliantly written with each chapter introducing a fighter using the first person perspective. The somewhat odd preparations and fights are shared along with the personal thoughts and emotions of each character.

I found this a quick and easy read and was not at all disappointed. I have to admit, this was a pleasant surprise since I don’t usually like video games or role play games. I would definitely read more from this author, and give Wick 5 stars.

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