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Sara's Review: Paired Pursuit by Clare Murray

Net Galley

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd

Released: December 1, 2015

Genre: Science Fiction Romance/Erotica

Length: 180 pages

Format: ebook

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Her last living relative dead, Mari is evicted from her shipping container and leaves Flagstaff for the first time in seven years. Boarding a train for Scar City (formerly Reno), she keeps a white-knuckle grip on her debilitating panic attacks. When the train lurches, she loses that grip and is picked up, calmed down, and turned on by the only other passengers in the car. Finn and Gareth are under orders from their superiors to follow a slim lead on a stolen alien device. At first Mari is only a pleasant distraction, but through their telepathic Twin link, the brothers discover they both sense a powerful attraction to her that goes far beyond pheromones. With dawning horror, Mari learns the Twins are after the same device she s seeking, her only hope to get money for a better life. Once they reach Scar City, the three realize they re living on borrowed time unless they can discover the device s secrets before attacking aliens bring the city walls tumbling down. "Warning: Contains two genetically modified warrior heroes, a woman whose worst nightmare is wide open spaces, and distractions of a vibratory nature.""

Four Boundless Stars (3.5 Stars)

I received a copy of Paired Pursuit via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. This book takes place in the year 2053 eleven years after the alien invasion. The Aliens came and killed much of the population. Those who are left live in cities behind protective walls. Women are slowly becoming commodities to be treated as breeding stock. Mari is fleeing such a city looking for a better life instead of being forced into becoming a rich man's "wife" AKA brood mare. With everything she owns she hops a train to for Reno! On the train she meets Finn and Gareth who are Twins. However in this world Twins are basically genetically bread super soldiers. The Soldiers are the sole reason there are any humans left on the planet. There is instant attraction and chemistry between all three. The twins share their thoughts and physical feelings and emotions. So they also share woman. The love scenes were just not all the way there for me. They weren't descriptive enough. I want to know what exactly he is doing with his, hands mouth and tongue and how hard or soft. This applies to other body parts as well. It's like the scenes were almost there but not quite. Instead of a good X which is basically what erotica is, this only went to an R and not even an skinamax R. This story is listed as a romance however they go so far as to have a DP....In my mind that is an Erotica even if it is a weak one. Other than weak sex scenes the story was extremely enjoyable and I really liked the world and the Characters. It's wide open for the next book and the next set of Twins. I will definitely be reading it.

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