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Beth's Review: The Apostates by Lars Teeney

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Lars Teeney

Released: July 20, 2015

Genre: Science Fiction/Dystopian/Post Apocalyptic

Length: 615 pages

Format: ebook , Kindle Unlimited

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New Megiddo has been born out of the ashes of America, an America that has sacrificed liberty for security. Ravaged by environmental disaster and shuttered off from the rest of the world by border fortress walls, and the strict dogma of spiritual leader, The Reverend Wilhelm Wainwright, the people take small comfort from the sermons the Reverend delivers straight to the people's minds via the [Virtue-Net]. However, the President John W. Schrubb Administration has been losing its grip on power. Murmurs and rumors of a resistance group of Apostates emanate from "Database" dens in the slums, financed by a mysterious source, are said to be scheming to free the people. Will the Apostates strike in time before the Born Again Gathering ushers in a state-induced Armageddon?

Three Boundless Stars

Lars Teeney tells a story of a post-apocalyptic time in a new world, New Meggido. After the world is destroyed by several natural and environmental disasters, the citizens are drawn into following the self-acclaimed “Great Reverend”. In exchange for the citizens’ loyalty, they are offered protection in the form of Law of Virtue Enforcement, aka, L.O.V.E. rangers.

The Apostates gives the reader a love/hate relationship with the “laws” of New Meggido. While some aspects are easy to agree with, others are outright unacceptable. There are several areas where the separation of religion and laws are as far from reality as an honest politician.

I found it difficult to stay with this 600 page novel. It’s a slow and overly detailed read. There are numerous typos’ that distracted me as a reader, and made this slow read, even slower. I had to put this book down several times and read it in between other books to finish it. I completed this book for the sole purpose of writing this review for our blog, otherwise, I would have quit halfway through.

To give credit to the imagination and ideas of Lars Teeney, I give The Apostes 3 stars. However, I strongly advise a re-edit to the book before the next printing.

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