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Lissa's Review: Chased (Titan #5) by Cristin Harber

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Publisher: Mill Creek Press

Released: September 29th 2013

Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer

Genre: Military Romance

Length: 2 hours and 18 minutes

Format: eBook, Audio

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Jenny Chase has loved Asher McIntyre, her best friend’s older brother, since she first laid eyes on him. But their flirting over the years never progressed as well as his career. He’s the Asher McIntyre, Mr. Rising Star Politician, the congressman who is soon to be the senator to New York State. He holds a spot on every magazine’s most handsome, most powerful, and most unattainable list. All while Jenny has followed her acting dream, waiting for her big break. Asher McIntyre has never had time for a serious relationship. Work is too demanding. But he’s also never stopped thinking about Jenny. When a stalker with a political agenda focuses on her, Asher can’t play the role of disinterested buddy any longer. The sparks are too strong, and his alpha gene is provoked. He wants her under his arm and in his bed. But can two hearts on opposite career paths survive while Asher’s enemy seeks to take them both down?

Four Boundless Stars

With this Novella you get to meet Jenny Chase. The sister of Lily Chase. Her and Asher have been friends for a really long time. Growing up Jenny always knew, there would be no way to get Asher. But as time went on Asher realized there wouldn’t be any kind of women like Jenny. That all those women before were meaningless. But this kind of happens around the time that Asher starts getting harassed. He’s an important person and he feels that he has to protect what is his. Sometimes when you stop and smell the roses. You realize who those are that are most important. There’s always a level of danger in Harber’s books. I’m never disappointed with that. The level of hotness, always smoldering. That’s why I’m like, if people only knew what I was listening to right now. I’ve grown to love all the characters in these novels. It’s really great to learn all about them. I love when Asher realizes who her sister is and who she’s married too. He’s like hands up, you guys got this. I was afraid for Rocco a little, I like him as a character. He seems like a fun guy and plus he saves people. What’s not to love?

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