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Stormi's Review: A Cape for Kali by Rabbi Galina Trefil

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Self

Released: August 30, 2015

Genre: Children's Book


Format: ebook, Kindle Unlimited

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When Kali the bear is bullied in school because of the color of her fur, she learns a valuable lesson about pride and self-identity.

Five Boundless Stars

This is a great little kids story. It has a very good message for children. It says that it is ok to be different, because we all are. It tells a child that it's ok to not be the same as everyone else. It's ok to be unique. It tells them that we all have our own story. It's ok to be who you are and to never let it bring you down. I would definitely read this to my children and I did. I think this is a great story for parents especially if your child is being bullied in any way.

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