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Beth's Review: Braid of Tongues: Not every mistake is black and white (Braids Book 1) by Monica

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: May 27th 2015

Genre: Erotica

Length: 396 pages

Format: eBook




What if your perfectly contented life was suddenly turned upside down and you were forced to face a decision you never imagined you’d have to?

Ariane Reis has a husband who loves her, a young son and a cosy family routine.

When she starts a new job in the heart of London, she has no idea she is about to embark on a scorching sensory journey of eroticism and self-discovery that will irrevocably alter her life. Luka Volkov is a smart and unnervingly intense Russian on her team. He is young, sharp and insatiable. He doesn’t just seduce her body. He seduces her mind and the very essence of her being.

Despite the emotional angst she finds herself in, Ariane must fight to get through the impossible task of untangling love from lust, or risk losing everything she holds dear. The problem is - not everything is black and white. A story both delightful and heartbreaking about regular people in unanticipated circumstances. Warning: This book contains explicit sex scenes and should not be read by people under 18.

Five Boundless Stars

Braid of Tongue has an interesting combination of characters from several different countries with several different dialects. Monica David very thoroughly introduces each character along with the personal thoughts of the main Character, Arian; who the reader soon becomes very up close and personal with. The story is written using the first person perspective from Arian, a 30 something wife whom enjoys her life with her loving husband and their 2 year old son. Through her thoughts, we are introduced to her stable and simple life. She praises her husband for his gentle loving ways, as he spoils her with the small acts of kindness we all find attractive is a life partner. She finds herself eager, yet sad, when she is entering the working world after spending two and a half years at home with their adorably active son.

I have to admit; it took me until the second half of the book to become intrigued, I almost gave up, but decided I was too far into it, not to see where it goes. I’m glad I stuck to it. It was a little too drawn out and overly descriptive in the beginning, but I understand some readers enjoy knowing every details. Also, I found Arian to have a weak personality in the beginning, but came to like her towards the end. I enjoyed the second half of the book so much so that I still give it 5 stars. I do plan to read book 2 with the hopes that we have already been introduced to the characters so it will be less descriptive and wordy. Overall, this was a good read.

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