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Jen's Review: Black Magic Man by Ju Ephraime

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: ENVISION Business & Computer School Publishing

Released: November 20th 2014

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Length: 296 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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In the village of La Souf, Jean Louis is known as “Black Magic Man,” but his feats of magic as a sorcerer are nothing compared to the abilities he keeps hidden from human eyes. Jean Louis is under the tutelage of a Master Magician, and telepathy is only one of his many talents. It’s a talent that leads him to beautiful, sensual Solange Esnard, who instantly triggers all Jean’s primal urges. He recognizes in Lange the spirit of his long-gone love, but convincing her of that will take every bit of skill and talent he has, maybe even his death. Solange has known about the powers of the Black Magic Man ever since she was a child. She has no reason to believe she would attract the attention of one, especially one as powerful as Jean Louis. She is happily married and loves her husband to death. When she is subjected to the unwelcome attention of Jean Louis, will she be strong enough to pit her will against that of a Black Magic Man? Only love, true cunning, and a bit of luck may possibly prove her successful in this battle for the one she love.

Five Boundless Stars

I was provided a Copy of Black Magic Man in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Ju for opportunity to read her novel.

Black Magic Man is a sequel to the authors first book White Magic Woman. However, I wasn't Lost and it's fine as a stand alone. I found Black Magic Man to be intriguing and an easy read.

Filled with mystery of island voodoo and a very strong leading lady. I will definitely have to go back and read the first book.

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