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Blog Tour: The Dancer (The Ballerina Series #3) by Ursula Sinclair

Title: The Dancer

Author: Ursula Sinclair

Series: The Ballerina Series (#3)

Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance/Multicultural Romance

Publisher: Isisindc Publishing, LLC

Release Date: Aug 1, 2015

Edition/Formats Available In: eBook


It’s not easy being a male dancer in a world where women dominate. Ballet. Yeah, I’m a ballet dancer, but I prefer male professional dancer. Still, I am at the top of my profession. Choreographers clamor to create dance pieces for me, and women just clamor for me period. See, being straight in a female dominated profession has its perks. But even though I don’t hurt for companionship, I still get up in the middle of the night reaching for something, someone, who is not the person lying next to me. Because I always wake up feeling empty inside…until. She played for me.


It’s not easy being a female in a male dominated profession. Most people can’t name five female guitarist, bass or lead, but I bet they can name five male guitar players. Still, I am atthe top of my profession. I’ve proven to the world that music ability isn’t driven by gender. It hadn’t always been that way, but now I am in constant demand. My time is no longer my own. As for a relationship with a significant other? I stay away from other musicians I perform with or might perform with, like the plague. Not good to mix business with pleasure. Still, I’m only human and I wake up in the middle of the night reaching for something that’s just not there. Then one day he danced for me, and suddenly, I was no longer empty inside.

Violence. Due to the content of this work recommended for18+ only.

This is the third book in The Ballerina Series but can be read as a standalone.

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My fingers curled into the twisted sheets. I’d been suffocating from sheer terror. I took deep breaths before opening my eyes. It had been a long time since I’d had that vivid a dream. Years in fact, usually my dreams were about feelings of abandonment, loneliness, not quite so dark. So real. These weren’t dreams, but memories. Real nightmares from my past. Now I’ve had them two nights in a row. What the fuck!

Thank God, I didn’t let Christy come home with me tonight. I shouldn’t have let her stay with me last night, but I’d been so damn lonely lately. I tried to make it clear to her there was nothing more between us, other than two people scratching an itch. I didn’t give a shit that she sometimes screwed other cast members, we weren’t dating. Still, I scared the shit out of her when I woke her up in the middle of the night screaming. When she asked what was wrong, I lied of course, and told her just a nightmare, and I couldn’t even remember what it was about. Not hardly. She and I shared the physical, not the emotional.

These nightmares came from a place deep inside of me. Something I shared with no one. I thought I conquered this fear a long time ago. That and the psychiatrist bills said I had. In truth, I’d conquered it on my own, this memory of the haunted woods and a lost little boy. Well, partially on my own, I had a little help from my dad and a friend who gave me the tools to deal with it. I am a man now, and I had overcome this. I’d done it by learning all about the outdoors. So, I thought I had put this particular terror behind me. Fuck!

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Author Bio

Ursula Sinclair is the alter ego for LaVerne Thompson, an award winning, best-selling, multi-published author, an avid reader and a writer of contemporary, fantasy, and sci/fi sensual romances. She writes romantic suspense and new adult romance under the Ursula.

She is currently working on several projects. Both of her daughters are now away at college. However, she and her husband don’t like the term empty nester. She’s added a cat to the household to keep the dog of the house company. Hopefully, writing will keep her sane. Visit her website at to read excerpts of her books.

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Website ~ Ursula

Website ~ LaVerne

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