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Sara's Review: The Callaways: Melody of Love (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Terri Deno

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Kindle Worlds

Released: June 18th 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 43 Pages

Format: eBook

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Austin Eckhart has spent his life dancing. When he is hired as a dance instructor by Jessica at Sean Callaway's Ashbury Studios, he is ready to get to work, even though his mind is focused on only one thing: helping out his brother. Melanie Dover is on the brink of a major pop star career as her alter ego, Melody. Although it isn't the type of music she loves most, she's willing to do anything to be in the music industry. With her ambitious father by her side, she's ready to take on the world—if she could only learn the dance steps to her songs. When Austin and Mel meet, the sparks that fly are not left to fizzle on the dance floor. But with each of them running towards goals they are not sure of, can their path to love ever align?

Three (2.5) Boundless Stars

I was provided a copy of Melody of Love in exchange for an honest review.

This is a very sweet, very short romance. The character development is pretty good for the amount of time we have with them. There is some mild drama and suspense. Nothing too extraordinary. The love scene in the short story is a fade to black. Me being a lover of Erotica I don't really like the fade to black unless the book is a YA then it is understandable.

If I had paid a $1.99 for this I would have been extremely upset. Not to say it isn't a cute story. But you can get full length novels for free or even 99¢.

I think this would make a great full length story or even a bigger novel if details were expanded and the drama played out more.

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