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Sara's Review: Alien Warrior (Zerconian Warriors Book 1) by Sadie Carter

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: July 28, 2015

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

Length: 120 pages

Format: eBook

Buy Link: Amazon


Stuck on a military outpost in the middle of nowhere, Zoey had been praying for something to relieve her boredom.

She never dreamed that relief would come in the form of a seven-foot tall, sexy alien. One who claimed she belonged to him.


Except, there was something pulling her to him… a deep, hot attraction she couldn’t deny. Dexanon Xa’a always thought his mate would be a sweet, obedient female. Instead, the Gods landed him with a maddening, outspoken, outrageous female who didn’t comprehend the honor that had been bestowed on her.

Dex might have a rockin’ body, but his ideas about women needed a total overhaul. And she was just the woman to do it.

Four Boundless Stars

I saw this book while I was browsing through my Kindle and it was a Kindle Unlimited so Score! Also it isn’t a serial! Even better!

Zoey is stationed on a faraway planet pretty much wasting away of boredom. Living in a fantasy land of movies because there is nothing else to do. She is dreaming of anything to relieve the constant dull drum life she is living.

Well she gets that in spades! An alien vessel has requested permission to land and make repairs. She has be nominated to be the ambassador to make first contact! OMG! These are freaking 7 foot tall HUGE aliens and she is a 5’5” nothing of a woman!

To make matters worse there is a primal attraction to the Leader and Crown Prince Dex that she doesn’t understand.

Dex the future leader of the Zerconia Warriors cannot believe the humans sent a female out ALONE, to meet with them! This is by far the most cowardice thing he has ever seen. Then when he gets close to the women he realize that she is the one! The one he has been searching for! She is his mate! She belongs to him and she should be thankful that he was there to take her away from those awful cowardice men.

Let’s just say that the Zerconian views on females and the Human views couldn’t be more opposite. It left for some pretty funny moments. Especially when Dex expected Zoey to be grateful for essentially kidnapping her!

This was obviously an instant attraction book. But it was laced with a lot of humor and some pretty steamy scenes. It was an all-around fun read. I can’t wait for the next book in the series Alien Lover.

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