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Stormi's Review: Almost a Millennium by Jeanbill

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Released: January 31, 2015

Genre: Historical Fiction

Length: 204 Pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

Buy Link: Amazon


Almost a Millennium is an eclectic novel about the unlikely connection between an English monk and an American physician that lived nearly 1,000 years apart, one of today and one in the medieval period. It begins at their birth, traveling through time to their adulthood. Paul, a monk at Llanthony Abbey in Wales, begins writing in the scriptorium using cryptography, knowing that the abbot might frown upon some of his comments about the crusade and his contact with God. In addition to his criticism of the crusade, he had added a short autobiography into the three-page document. He decided to keep this manuscript near his desk until the time he would be close to death and would pass it on for safekeeping to one of his fellow monks. No one would ever know what he had written unless the person deciphered the code. After the death of his parents, Fred finds himself struggling with his faith and questioning the presence of God. He is introduced to an ancient manuscript, written by a monk who lived one thousand years ago. Through his readings, he deciphers the coded text and it completely changes him. Separated by time and geography, Fred and Paul develop a connection that defies logic and physics. Interspersed are brief sketches of portions of history during the medieval period, mostly in England, and there is also romance, rape, and murder as well as the substantive issues of modern and medieval times, including religion. The historical fiction breathes life into historical and modern figures and events, bringing readers into the real world – of the past and the present.

Two Boundless Stars

Honestly, this book wasn't the best I've ever read. I expected so much because I love history, but this book was written in a way that made me feel like I was just reading a history textbook. I love reading about history, but this was a bit confusing and a bit boring at times. I think it would have been so much better if there was more story and a little less history. You can give necessary information and details and have a good story at the same time. I feel like this book lacked this. The story aspect was good though so I will give it that. I guess if a reader was wanting to read more history in a textbook sense then this would be a great book for some, but I personally did not like the way, it was written.

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