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Release Day: Our Kinda Love (What Kinda Love #2) by Deanna Eshler

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: September 12th 2015

Genre: New Adult, Romantic Comedy

Length: 301 pages

Format: eBook

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Keegan Hughes is a fiercely independent, and annoyingly honest, college senior who believes in the zombie apocalypse. Her “unique qualities” entertain her friends and, unfortunately, attracts the attention of her new neighbor, Adrian Elliott. Having been left behind by other men in her life, Keegan vowed to never trust another guy with her happiness. She'll take what she wants from them, but they only get what she's willing to give. When Adrian slams into her life, he tramples all over her rules and boundaries, constantly throwing her off balance Keegan can't deny her physical attraction to Adrian, but his hyperactive, slightly delusional personality, is very unlike her usual type—confident, tattooed, alpha male. When Adrian makes a proposal that could benefit them both, Keegan knows it's a horrible idea, but can't resist his plea for her help. Neither of them are prepared for the storm that's created when their two very intense personalities come together. Will Keegan get the hell out before Adrian destroys every boundary she creates? If she stays, can Adrian get through his own real-life demons to be the first man in her life to make her a priority?

Sara's Review - Four Boundless Stars

I was provided a copy of Our Kinda Love in exchange for an honest review.

The first 40-50 percent of this book is hilarious! I was laughing so much, it was hard to breathe sometimes.

Keegan is the basically a Zombie Apocalypse Prepper. Now if anybody has the pleasure of knowing these people first hand you will know you’re dealing with a very specific brand of cray cray! I am in fact one of the fortunate (unfortunate) people who lives with this brand of cray cray and understand the intricacies of Disaster preparedness to level absurd!

Keegan is her own brand of Special. Not only is she a crazy Zombie prepper she is a klutz with no filter on her mouth. OMG this leads to some hilarity! However behind all that is an emotionally damaged woman who doesn't trust men.

In bounds Adrian into Keegan’s life. Adrian is a mix of man with ADD and possibly a split personality disorder. He was all over the place. If you thought Keegan was crazy Adrian surpasses her!

“This guy has lost his shit. I could have competition in the craziest neighbor category. I was sure that title would be mine, but he has potential.”

Despite Adrian being a whirlwind at all times you can't help like him and root for him. He also has issues and is dealing with his own amount of baggage. It makes him very endearing.

Keegan and Adrian’s relationship is unexpected for Keegan and I honestly think a bit unhealthy. Adrian is so obsessed with Keegan that he turns into the Big Green Monster more than once. Not a good quality.

“It’s then I realize that Adrian is a tornado, threatening to tear through my stable life.”

Our Kinda Love was very good and an extremely emotional read for me. I was a bit disappointed that the first love scene was basically a fade to black. At the time I almost threw my Kindle! There was such a buildup and then it was like, “That’s it!” But I am a lover of Erotica, and this is a Contemporary Romance. This is the first novel I've read by Deanna Eshler and I am looking forward to reading many more!

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