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Sara's Review: Taking a Gamble (Taking on Love Book 1) by Trish Edmisten

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: August 21st 2015

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

Length: 349 pages

Format: eBook

Buy Links: Amazon | iBooks


It was only supposed be a little harmless fun, a road trip to Las Vegas to prove to everyone that she’s not boring. Instead, Marcy wakes up in a hotel room with her best friend’s brother. Worse, they’re wearing nothing but matching rings! Now, Marcy has to decide if she’s going to take a gamble on Nick or walk away from the best thing she never saw coming.

Five (4.5) Boundless Stars

This is a spin off series of the Time for Love series that starts with This Time. This is a total standalone book however we see a lot of the same characters for the Time for Love series.

Marcy who is one of Danni’s and Chelsea’s best friends (from Time for Love series). She is down in the dumps because all her friends are getting married and finding the men of their dreams. Here Marcy is basically single with no prospects for her future Mr. Right.

Nick, overhears a pretty embarrassing conversation that Marcy is having with a D-Bag and strikes up a conversation with Marcy. Now Nick is Danni’s older brother and Marcy’s high school crush. Marcy has long gotten over her crush (or has she) and has put Nick in “he is a man whore” category in her mind.

On a dare to prove that she isn’t boring Marcy agrees to go with Nick to Vegas. Well she defiantly isn’t boring. Since she wakes up NAKED, in bed with Nick wearing nothing but a Wedding ring… OMG

Now I was thinking this was going to be a story similar to the Movie What Happens in Vegas. However I was dead wrong.

This was such an endearing story based around two people starting off Marriage in a most unconventional way, but agreeing to give it a try and see where it goes.

“You want me to give up a year of my life pretending to be married to you?” “No, I want you to invest a year of your life wholeheartedly committed to being married to me.”

I found myself smiling throughout most of the story. That is when I wasn’t laughing. Or even tearing up. The love scenes where hot and I loved Marcy's and Nick's story. I can’t wait to see who is next!

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