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Sara's Review: Servicing the Target (Masters of the Shadowlands #10) by Cherise Sinclair

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Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated

Released: July 28, 2015

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

Length: 340 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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A discharged Army Ranger, Ben considers his job as a BDSM club security guard to be an excellent hobby. He’s never been tempted to join in. But everything changes when the notorious Mistress Anne inadvertently reveals the caring heart concealed beneath her Domme armor. Now, he’s set his sights on the beautiful Shadowlands Mistress. Maybe he’d considered himself vanilla, but she can put her stiletto on his chest any day, any time. He’ll trust her delicate hands to hold his heart. And if she wants to whip his ass on the way to an outstanding climax, he’s just fine with that too. Sure, he knows she likes “pretty boy” slaves. And he’s older. Craggy and rough. And six-five. Minor hindrances. The mission is a go.

Four Boundless Stars

Servicing the Target is the first book Ive read where the male lead isn't the dominate. We actually have a female Domme. I will say that even though I like the dynamic better in the reverse I was not disappointed with the story at all.

We met Ben all the way back in book 1 Club Shadowlands. He is the burly guard Jessica will be forced to sit with if she doesn't buck up sign some paperwork so she can enter the private club. He is also the man who decides if the submissive's shoe are sexy enough to be worn into the club. But other that that throughout the stories we really didn't see much else of Ben until he peaked Anne's interest in the last novel right at the end.

Now Anne's is a different story. I can't remember when she was introduced because it feels like she has always been part of the story. As we went through all the men finding there submissives she was really the only Domme that was ever featured. She has always been in the background. She has somehow be included in the group with all the shadowkittens (the female sumbissives from the club) and we started see more of her.

So that said I was pleased that Anne finally got her story, even though its not more normal read. I am really happy with the direction the story went in. Anne is used to pretty boy Slaves and Ben is so not that. He is a man. He wants Anne and will try to bend to make her happy to be with her but at the same time he is still very much a man. I am so glad we didn't get a story with a pretty boy. But then Cherise doesn't do stories with pretty boys, her stories are about men. Even if the are the bottom to D/s relationship.

I think what I like best about the story is if you were to take out all the sex you still have a very real, emotional story. Its about a man wanting a woman so bad that he will do almost anything to get her. She is his Target and his is determined to service her until he finds a permanent place in her heart.

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