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Stormi's Review: Oleah Chronicles: Truth by Michelle Johnson

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Oleah Publishing

Released: May 25, 2015

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult

Length: 220 Pages

Format: ebook, paperback

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What would you do if everything you thought to be true in your life was a lie? Sixteen-year-old Angel Seriki must face overwhelming truths about her family when she meets Zander Black, a new student to her high school who is smart, charming and devastatingly beautiful. The revelations he uncovers to her about her family's past changes everything, and as her relationship and feelings for Zander deepen, so do the risks involved. She must now accept her fate and face the true reality of who and what she is. Even if that means giving up everything, including being human.

Review Five Boundless Stars

This book was really interesting. It was a mix between a normal day in the life of a teenage girl and a world full of fantasy. You meet Angel who is hidden from what she really is for her protection. Throughout the book she finds out her true nature and falls in love with her savior and past enemy. I really enjoyed this book. It was a fast and easy read. It was written very well. I absolutely loved Angel and her best friend Julie. I even loved Zander even though at times not so much. The ending was such a cliff hanger. I can't wait to read more. Thank you for allowing me to read and review this book. It was awesome.

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