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Lissa's Review: My Ladybird Story by Magus Tor

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Magus Tor Books and Games

Released: Feburary 16, 2015

Genre: Comging of Age, Transgender Romance

Length: 276 Pages

Format: ebook, Paperback



John knows he's not like everyone else, but he also knows he always has best friend Aureus to count on. But when John realizes that the real problem is that he's Joyce, not John, can he still depend on Aureus? As he makes his transformation, John begins to realize that there's only one thing that he wants. And once he becomes Joyce, he thinks it's the one thing that he can never have. Or is it?

Review 4 stars

This isn't something I normally read. It really made me think of those who are going through the same thing as John. Growing up I was never confused of who I was, never questioned it. Looking in the mirror was me. John doesn't have that, he's uncomfortable in his own skin. All the kids in school think he's a "weirdo" kids can be super cruel in high school. Though John is going through something major, I'm so happy that he has an amazing brother Devon. He also meets a new girl Aureus, who befriends him and actually sticks around.

Now John, has this secret and it's just tearing him up inside. But one fateful night brings it all to light and he's able to accept who he is. I really love John's brother because he has no judgment. He loves his brother unconditionally and I think in a situation such as Johns, he needs to know that he's accepted by those he loves.

I really did enjoy this story and I loved the direction that it took. When John turned into the person she was suppose to be, she was more happy and confident. The characters changed grew through out. There needs to be more acceptance for the trans community. I think that if their stories were heard, more people would understand.

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