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Blog Tour: A.M. Hudson's Bound Series


New world.

New powers.

New enemies.

Elora enters the dark world of secrets from her parents’ past, and in the midst of discovering hernew abilities and learning how to use them, she will be forced to fight battles she’s unprepared for in a war that supposedly ended twenty­two years ago. Old enemies forge new friendships, leaving Elora lost and unsure who to trust, until a cocky vampire walks back into her life with a gift and a clue that will set the end of everything in motion. The final chapter in the two­book Dark Secrets spin­off series, BOUND

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Dont miss book 1 Bound

Elora can speak to the dead, but she has an affinity with the undead. Born of immortal blood, her curse not set to trigger until around her twenty-fifth year, she was sent away to remain unaware of and hidden from the world of magic. And from vampires. But after Elora befriends the cocky, self-loving Ric Mason, she discovers secrets about him and his distant link to her family that reshape her entire world. A dark, sexy three-book series that will have you screaming for more...

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Other books A.M. Hudson Changed her covers!

The first two books in the Dark Secrets Series are only 99cnts!!! for a limited time.

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Mark of Betrayal (Dark Secrets #3)


Lies in Blood (Dark Series #4)


Echoes and Silence: Part One (Dark Secrets #5)


Echoes and Silence: Part Two (Darks Secrets #6


Willa Wicked


Author Bio:

AM Hudson is a music loving, book crazy, ultra passionate writer from Australia.She's down­to­earth and as normal as a crazy person can be. A young girl at heart,she enjoys alternative music, lives to enjoy life, torture people in her novels and thenwrite happy endings that are never forgotten. Add her as a friend on Facebook at AM Hudson Author then join her and other fans for some crazy conversations at­Dark­Secrets­Series

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