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Sara's Review: Bengal's Quest (Breeds #30) by Lora Leigh

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Publisher: Berkley

Released: June 23, 2015

Genre: Erotica, Paranormal

Length: 352 Pages

Format: eBook, Hardcover, Audible

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He was a shadow, ever shifting and insinuating, able to blend in everywhere and anywhere. The elusive ideal conceived and created by the Genetics Council, he went by just as many names as he had identities—the last one being Gideon. Now calling himself Graeme, he hides in plain sight, terrifyingly close to his goal. A rogue Bengal Breed, he has loyalties to no one but himself. And he has a need for vengeance that surges hot and swift through his veins. Graeme plans to exact an extreme and ruthless vendetta against those who wronged him—Breed and human alike. All will suffer his wrath: those who created him, those who pretended to love him, and those who betrayed him. That includes the one at the center of it all: a seductive, enigmatic woman helpless against the man whose desire is just as desperate as his need to destroy. And he’s on her scent…

Review - Three Stars

When this book came out and it said #30 I thought "No way! I can't possibly have read so many books in one series!" Looking through my Goodreads account I think I may have missed 3 books which includes novellas. Can you read this as a standalone? I would say no, however you don't necessarily have to read all the books to get caught up. Each book is about a couple, a much much larger story arc is also moving through all the books. So yes it would be great to start from the beginning I realize that can feel daunting. If you were to start with Lion's Heart book 21 you could play catchup on the current story Arc. Though, you would miss a WHOLE LOT of backstory. In Bengal's quest we have Graeme AKA Gideon who is the feared crazy breed that Jonas along with the Bureau of Breed affairs has been hunting. I honestly can't remember when Gideon was introduced, it seems like Jonas has been hunting him for at least the last five books, if not more. Gideon is by far the strongest, smartest and a little bit insane breed ever made. "As you said I'm insane," he answered absently as he brushed his cheek against the side of one swollen curve. "Why would I pretend sanity at this late date?" That curve belongs to Cat or at one time Claire. This whole part of the story arc got a bit confusing for me and I felt I needed to go back and read the last few books again. But I remember I was confused in the other books also. There is a lot going on so it was probably my lack of attention that caused the problem. Cat had me tearing up quite a bit. Her pain, loneliness and just a need to belong was agony to read about. However, I found myself frustrated with her after awhile. Here Gideon is ready to be your mate and you keep pushing him away! I got it, yet I didn't. I also felt like it was repetitive and they kept arguing about the same thing over and over. The mating heat scenes where mehh. I found myself wanting this book to be done about 100 pages before it was. What I LOVED was we got to see the winged breeds again! Also the little hints at what the next book may be. Will it be Khi or will it be Cullen? Or will it be someone we weren't expecting? I liked that the story moved as a whole but Gideon's and Cat's story was just ok. I love the series and always want to know what comes next. So I can't wait for the next installment!

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