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Two Star Review: Bridget and the Voodoo Queen (Bridget Series Book 1) by J.R. Luxor


Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: May 26th 2015

Genre: Erotic Paranormal, Science Fiction

Length: 109 Pages

Format: eBook, Kindle Unilmited

Amazon Kindle


Dr. Bridget Fox grew up and went to school in England but has lived and worked in Vancouver and California for a few years. She has two vocations. She is a marriage counselor and a psychologist who specializes in sexual behavior. Her other job is as a videographer for producers of cable TV documentaries. She approaches both careers from a sexual angle or perspective. Her most successful documentaries have been about lesbian pornography and clubs of multi-partner swingers. Her approach to marriage counseling is to prescribe dominant-submissive role-play skits for all her clients.

Bridget’s sexual orientation is as distinct and diverse as her vocations. She is not just bi-sexual. Bridget is a unicorn, a woman who dates couples. This rare practice enables her to avoid having her heart broken or breaking someone else’s heart. It also allows her to feed her considerable sexual appetite. Bridget enjoys beautiful women, strong willed men, and delightful couples as her sexual adventures punctuate this romantic mystery. Her adventure starts in the New Orleans French Quarter, where she meets an aged practitioner of voodoo. A secret, dating back to Andrew Jackson, is uncovered which affects Brig’s life forever.

There is a theft, a double murder, and a discovery before Brig flies out of The Big Easy to the San Francisco Bay area to assemble her team for a treasure hunt. After using her new abilities to help a friend avoid being swindled, she embraces her power to solve the mystery at hand. Her partner has a theory that human DNA was altered by ancient aliens. Her new abilities and her amulet enable Bridget to discover support for the legends of competing groups of aliens who fought in the skies during Biblical times for control of the earth.

The adventure, the mystery, and the sexual escapades with men, women, and couples take Bridget back to New Orleans where it all began. There Bridget meets her past, her future, and her fate.

Jen's Review

I was provided of copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The beginning of this book had a very strong start and had me hooked. I personally love Louisiana , the strong history of voodoo and ghosts, and the very Gothic romanticism of it all. I live in Savannah which has it's own history of ghosts, and voodoo and rich historical background.

I give this book only two star's because after Bridget left New Orleans the story took a weird turn and turned into something very different. The author mixed history with alien conspiracy and this really had nothing to do with the beginning of the story.

The "strong sexual content" was not only slightly tepid but repetitive. The sex scenes I felt were rushed and I felt very disconnected from the characters. If the story had stayed on track with the Voodoo priestess Mama Lola I feel this would have been a much better read.

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