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Lissa's Review - Five Stars: Ghosts of Gannaway by Stuart R. West


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Publisher: Books We Love Publishing

Released: June 27, 2015

Genre: Historical, Thriller & Suspense

Length: 286 Pages

Format: eBook

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Ghost whispers echo through the mines of Gannaway. They have a story to tell. It’s the story of a town torn apart by greed, pollution and vanity, by racial discord between the Native Americans and the invading miners, by the Great Depression, by the violent union strikes of the 1930’s. That’s not all that brought Gannaway to its knees, though. Not by a long shot. Because something—else—lives in the deserted tunnels of the mine, something dark and evil. Something that breathes life into the Ghosts of Gannaway. Ghosts of Gannaway takes the reader on a journey they won’t forget. ~ Paranormal Suspense Writer Gail Roughton


This book starts out super creepy. I felt like I was watching a really spooky movie. Stuart has a way of writing, that puts you right into his world. Gannaway is a mining town. The Story sets in the 30's, during the Great Depression and transports you into 1969.

Gannaway, Kansas has a lot of secrets and lots of stories. Dennis Lipstein comes to town, he's a Environmental Scientist. As you can imagine he is skeptical of the stories that are told. But with a story there's always truth to it.

Dennis meets a lot of different characters. Some with hearts of gold and some with None. Gannaway is an Evil bastard. He was greedy and did everything he could to get his way. It always surprises me when people follow people around, that are completely evil.

I loved learning the back story and how it came together was done so well. They flowed from the 30's to the 60's with such ease. I'm always on the ghosts side, your past will catch up with you Gannaway if your not careful. Stuart really is an artist with storytelling. I can't wait to see what else Stuart has in store for us.

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