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Five Star Review: Saving Faithless Creek by Andrew Grey


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Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Released: June 15, 2015

Genre: Gay Romance

Length: 220 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

Kindle | Amazon Paperback | Kobo


Blair Montague is sent to Newton, Montana, to purchase a ranch and some land for his father. It’s a trip he doesn't want to make. But his father paid for his college education in exchange for Blair working for him in his casinos, so Blair has no choice. When he finds out he’ll be dealing with Royal Masters, the man who bullied him in high school, he is shocked. Then Blair is surprised when he finds that Royal’s time in the Marines has changed him to the point where Blair could be attracted to him… if he’s willing to take that chance. Royal’s life hasn’t been a bed of roses. He saw combat in the military that left him scarred, and not just on the outside. When he inherits his father’s ranch, he discovers his father wasn't a good manager and the ranch is in trouble. The sale of land would put them back on good footing, but he is suspicious of Blair’s father’s motives, and with good reason. The attraction between them is hard for either to ignore, but it could all evaporate once the land deal is sealed.

Review by Sara

I was provide a copy of Saving Faithless Creek in exchange for an honest review.

I loved it! This was such a sweet story, I couldn't help but fall in love! Blair was my absolute favorite, I could so see myself shopping and hanging out with him!

Blair has been ordered by his tyrant of a father (who he works for) to go to Montana and close a land deal for him. OMG his father is HORRIBLE! I wouldn't wish that man on my worst enemy!

Once Blair gets to Montana he finds the person he has to deal with for the land purchase is his old High school Bully Royal. I know right!

Blair was tormented through his one year in high school in Montana by Royal and his cronies because he is gay. As you can imagine he was a HUGE target for the jocks in high school, Royal being the biggest offender.

Now Blair is back in Montana and having to face down that long time bully who has long tormented his nightmares. It was just too good!

It turns out Royal isn't who he use to be, the Marines and the things he saw changed him. He grew up and finally became a man. He actually winds up confessing to Blair the reasons he tormented him so badly was because he is also gay! Being a cowboy teenager raised in Montana he had know idea how to deal with his feeling of attraction to Blair, which at the time he felt was wrong, other than to lash out. I know shock! Although if you think about it, not really!

Blair helps Royal "come out" and realize that he has been a coward all these years hiding who he is. It was extremely endearing and enlightening.

"And you think being gay makes you weak? Because I have to tell you that hiding who you are is the cowardly and weak decision. Pride is being true to yourself and finding someone who will stand beside you no matter what."

I don't want to give anymore of the story away, trust me I haven't there is so much more! It is just too good. Oh and the love scenes are scorching! This is a must read!

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