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Four Star Review: Taken: Warriors of Hir, Book 2 by Willow Danes


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Publisher: Here Be Dragons

Released: January 30, 2015

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Length: 271 Pages



Hope MacGowan is a city girl but reeling from a break-up on top of a layoff has her determined to have a weekend away in the North Carolina mountains—even if all her friends have bailed at the last minute. Hope’s life is one big train-wreck and getting kidnapped by a tall, blond alien—even a gorgeous one—sure isn’t helping. R’har crossed the galaxy to seek a mate on this newly discovered world and this delicate red-haired female is everything he’s dreamed of—except happy to find herself mated to him. R’har knows in his heart he’s her true mate, even if he’s not human. But taking her doesn’t mean he can keep her and somehow he has to convince Hope to choose him before time runs out...

Review by Sara

Hope was just dumped by her fiance' via text. So he could be with her BFF who is also supposed to be her maid of honor! To make matter worse, her other bridesmaid and BFF knew about the affair and never said anything! So she has lost her two BFFs her soon to be husband, oh did I mention she was also fired!

Yep, officially worst week ever! Hope and her now Ex BFFs had a weekend trip planned out in the woods in a big rental with a hot tub. Instead of going back to her apartment (lease is up in ten days) and facing place full of wedding items and her shattered dreams, Hope goes on the weekend getaway by herself. Hope, feeling like utter crap a depressed as hell decides to go for a walk in the woods. Did I mention before hope is a total city girl? So as you can imagine she gets into a life threatening situation in a nanosecond. In steps R'har to save the day! R'har won the chance to capture a bride in a huge contest at the end of Captured. Luckily this time around he can understand what Hope is saying even though she can't understand him. At least not until he gives her a translator via injection. That whole scene had me laughing! R'har has all the characteristics of a Hir warrior. Almost 7' tall, hugely muscled with glowing eyes and cranial ridges. He can't pass for human! No way no how! You can imagine Hopes surprise to be essentially kidnapped by a huge alien. This is how Hope's mind works, all males are cheaters liars and can't be trusted. So she is dead set on going back to earth. She doesn't want to give R'har a chance even though he is such a good male that wants nothing more than to love and protect her. She really is an obnoxious bitch. Taken like Captured was a fun, erotic read. Hope isn't one of my favorite characters but I understood where she was coming from.

R'har was great! If only we could count on all men to be 100% devoted and in love with us all the time! There would be no divorce!

I can't wait to see what comes next in this Series!

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