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Four Star Review: Little Miss Somebody by Christy Lynn Abram


Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Humble Bee Publishing

Released: June 26, 2015

Genre: Young Adult, Urban Drama

Length: 304 Pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

Pre-Order: Kindle | Amazon Paperback | Kobo | Smashwords


“It had been a long time since another person treated me with love, respect and graciousness. More importantly, it had been a long time since someone treated me as if I was somebody. The two-year journey that led me to my decision had reached its peak. Something had to go-even if it was me.” Left to fend for herself, Nikki is starved of affection from her mother and the little attention she does receive often results in bruises. Feeling worthless and rejected, Nikki is determined to break free and find life outside of her painful circumstances. At only fourteen years old she boldly decides to embark on a journey to find her father, a missing piece to the puzzle of her life, but along the way she unravels more pain and layers of family abuse, causing her to want to give up. But she won't give up. Not yet. Not Nikki. Not until she finds what she's looking for. But, will Nikki find the love she desperately needs?

Review by Lissa

When I first started reading this, I was so sad for Nikki. What kind of mother, leaves her child for days? Let's get starve and not even have clean clothes for her? Taking her away from what she knows. Just to leave her in a house, with drug addicts. I understand going through something, but when it involves your children, they always come first.

At of times it was hard to read. But it's reality, stuff like this happens to good kids. Children don't deserve to be mistreated. Their own parents blaming them for the reason their addicts. But it's their own fault. We make choices in life. Our own choices and no one is to blame but yourself.

Nikki is a smart girl and I really think given the right situation she would succeed. This was a really good story, it really opens your eyes. I'll have to read the sequel, to see what else happens with Nikki.

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