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Three Star Review: The Ruins (The Union #2) by T.H. Hernandez



Publisher: Self-Published

Released: June 16, 2015

Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian

Length: 315 pages

Format: eBook



Heartbroken, grief-stricken, and wracked with guilt, seventeen-year-old Evan Taylor returned to the Union, leaving behind the boy she loved. Now, she and her friends must find a way to do the impossible – warn the citizens of the Union about an impending rebel attack without alerting the government and risking retaliation against her friends in the Ruins. When every move Evan makes is thwarted, it soon becomes clear she's being watched. Faced with a daily fight to stay one step ahead of her pursuers, she returns to the Ruins. But life in the Ruins has its own dangers, and soon she’s fighting a different battle – to stay alive long enough to discover the truth. THE RUINS is the second book in THE UNION series, a young adult romantic adventure set in the near future.

Review by Lissa

We are back with Evan and friends for book two. Evan is heartbroken for having to leave Cyrus behind. Also, not happy about the situation she's in. Staying with a father she hardly knows. They soon find out that someone is spying on them and come up with a plan to save everyone.

Even gets a job as a reporter to help with the cause. It seemed quite easy. Something happens with her and Bryce. She ends up in the Ruins with Colin. I was so happy when she finally go to see Cyrus again. He's my favorite character out of the bunch.

Theres a lot of action in this book. I wasn't bored But just like the last one. I wasn't engrossed in it, as much as I wanted to be. I was a bit sad about that.

The world this author created is an interesting one though. The writing isn't bad and I feel that the young adult crowd would love this.

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